Our work aims to optimise Western Australia's land and property assets to accommodate the changing needs of the community.

Our vision is to influence and land development on behalf of the State Government for the benefit of the community.

We have responsibility for identifying, planning and developing of major land and infrastructure projects across Western Australia.

We take a long term view of State-wide needs and acquire and develop land to facilitate the delivery of projects on time, on budget and to specification to meet these needs,

In addition, we play a key role in delivering outcomes on current Government strategic priorities.

DevelopmentWA Forward Project Opportunities

As the State Government's land and infrastructure development agency, we operate state wide across residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

In the 2017-18 and 2018-19 financial years we will manage the delivery of a substantial construction program to support economic and employment growth. We will achieve this through urban city revitalisation, regional revitalisation and strategic commercial, tourism and infrastructure initiatives.

Our Forward Works Plan – Major Projects 2020 – describes key future construction projects across our four delivery programs:

  1. Metropolitan
  2. Industrial - Economic and Employment Land Development
  3. Regional Development
  4. Government Services

The Forward Works Plan is an indicative plan to be used as a guide and may be subject to change.

Terms and Conditions of Contracts

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